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Talking about current state of world was always in my mind. I was eventually gonna share my opinions on this. Keep in mind that i am a young and stupid person. I don't have a big knowledge neither do i have many experience in life. I am gonna drop a massive blackpill and it is gonna be totally biased. You might disagree with many of the stuff i will talk about. But as i said, i am just dumping my brain diarrhea here. My opinions doesn't matter, neither any other opinion. It cringes me hard when people ask "What makes your opinion so important?". Nothing, they are just opinions. Free speech should not trigger people.

I will go full boomer and say people of 21st century doesn't leave their houses. Duh, like you did not know that. We already been degenerating over centuries since the first human discovered the agriculture. Firstly hunter gatherer population started to decrase then nomadic lifestyle. We were less mobile, people started to live and die without leaving wherever they live. Human biology started to change as well. Suddenly we didn't need to have really sharp eyes to see the danger or great athletic abilities to survive. All we needed was more intelligence. I even heard some scientists are seperating hunter-gatherers with modern human and call modern human homo sapiens sapiens. But I cannot find a source for this anymore. Maybe i don't remember correctly. As i said, when it comes to evolution i am pretty ignorant, take whatever i say with grain of salt. Lets look at modern human. Physical power has even less importance. We have every tools to keep people alive. Average human life expectancy is almost 80 years. We don't compete against other predators anymore, most of us at least. We compete against machines. And we compete against our last remaining primitive insticts. Your brain screams for violence, pushing you to strive for getting a higher place in food chain and spreading your genes widely. But society holds you back, you cannot act like a caveman. You cannot drink wine from skulls of your enemies or cannot have a harem full of women. Maybe this is for good. Human nature is so full of shit after all. We need to overcome human. We lack movement in our lives. We are safe from dangers of nature but we are more worried than ever. We are all anxious, angry and hateful. We have all the communication but we cannot communicate with each other. How the greatest revolutions in communication technologies ended up splitting us apart instead of getting us closer?


There was a 4chan thread i read some time ago. It was arguing that internet is dead and populated by bots. They call this phenomenon "Dead Internet Theory". Anon was claiming that everything we see started to repeat, masses of people were acting like robots as if they were being controlled from the same source. All the content, videos you see, some internet personalities, 4chan threads, reddit posts, tweets all looks like has been created by robots. Internet repeats itself. You see same arguments over and over. Similar type of people arguing the same thing. You see the same content with same comments everyday. Anon goes one step further and claims even the entire mass produced entertainment created by algorithms and entire internet is just fake and hollowed out. It was an interesting stuff althought it has some extreme claims. I don't think that bots took over the entire internet, rather people turned into bots. Even with all of its nonesense, it was a good read. It is not hard to believe that there are crapload of fake accounts and bots being used for luring masses into buying various bullshit. Social media is the most effective propaganda tool ever. There are several reasons why people are getting unified and organised in big or small groups.

It is obvious that majority of internet traffic has been controlled by a handful of big tech companies. Average internet user spends most of their time on a few social media platform. This gives a really huge power to the mega corporations. Their "marvelous" algorithms are feeding people with the type of bullshit they like to see. I think this is one of the few reasons why people are getting radicalized. You are getting spoonfed with same type of content. And people who can exploit those algortihms can reach into your brain to plant their seeds. Other than that biggest search engine Google shows you altered search results. It is far from being organic. On top of getting lured into certain type of content over and over you also being manipulated by the big brother's himself. Twitter works the same way. Majority of twitter users has same type of mentality. It is pretty hard to find a different kind of opinion. Small group of people has the biggest influence over most twitter users. I won't talk about twitter much since i don't use twitter at all. I got enough cancer from twitter despite not using it. Youtube diligently hides various types of content from you. I whitnessed it myself. Some videos cannot be find using the search tool. And needless to say some content is constantly getting deleted. Or entire youtube channels are getting wiped out.


Internet makes it a lot easier to connect like minded people to each other. And thanks to certain amount of anonimty it offers, now every kind of idiot has a voice. You are sharing all sorts of information with your circle of people. You get the news from the same media corporations, you are worshipping the same influencers and at the end of the day you are using the same arguments. People getting the information from the same source ends up getting unified and turning into mindless robots. We killed the god and thought we are now free. But we ended up creating new ones. Religion has been replaced by politics. Prophets are now big media corporations. Biggest entertainment companies are owned by a single company. Everything is balls deep into politics. What they say is not important, you are gonna swallow it no matter what because everything is "Us vs them". You need to follow the pack because you don't have any personality. You need to hide behind bunch of big fancy words because you don't have your own opinions. You need to name people because that's the only way to avoid an argument. It is a lot easier than giving a valid answer because if i give you a name everything you say instantly becomes meaningless. Something new happened and you don't have opinions yet? Just sit and wait for your software update. Let the masters do the thinking for you. It is unbelievable how carrying a brain is a big chore for most people.


You are constantly being watched. 10 years ago saying that would result with getting named as "paranoid" but everyone knows it now. But nobody cares. This is the way they feed you with the type of content you "need to see". It is getting creepy day by day. All the data that has been collected by multiple websites, applications or services are usually getting collected in the same pool. Algorithms knows you better than you know yourself. In China you are getting credited by your actions. All the cameras are watching your every movement, all the apps controlled by government feeding the machine with your personal information to determine how "good" of a citizen you are. After the China other governments are gonna follow the same path. In the land of the free you cannot take a shit without the government's eyes on you. Even having access to the all the data being collected in the country is not enough, they should make it easier for the government. They must destroy all the end to end encryption. You have something to say about it? You must be a terrorist, why would't you want to get spied on if you are not one? Do you think that all the privacy apps you use, your e-mail provider your vpn service saving you from almighty government? Think again. Your weed dealer might be your trustworthy FBI agent without you knowing it.


Entertainment is not just a pastime activity, it is the meaning of life. It is only way of keeping your sanity in modern world. Everthing is source of entertainment. Nothing is serious. In 2020's we can make fun of everything, and can turn it into a form of entertainment. We are constantly getting brainfucked by shiny world of entertainment. We create new shiny worlds because we fucked up ours. And entertainment also must be easy to digest because we have 15 minutes of attention span at most. We are always hungry for entertainment. We are falling for all sorts of fake accomplishment in virtual worlds. We are hypnotized, desensitized and emptied in the brain. Everything is perfectly engineered into stealing your attention and keeping you addicted. And great portion of our entertainment is like our fast food, mass produced, easy to get, easy to finish and has no nutrients. Entertainment always had a dirty side but difference is today we have more propaganda than ever, we have endless amount of entertainment we can get without any effort and they are almost forcefully fed into our brains. You cannot spend a day without hearing a reference to buttman vs crapman, you gotta watch it. And entertainment never been this cheesy and full of crap. Originality has died years ago. You gotta consume the same shit over and over. Want to watch a new movie? Which one would you like to watch? How about a totally crappy remake of your favorite movie? Or maybe a war movie about american heroes destroying nazis? Or the same superhero movie that comes up every year?


There is nothing we can't do for some attention. We paint our faces to act like holocaust victims on tiktok, we show our asses in front of destroyed buildings, we are saving the world on twitter. We all sexually assaulted, we are all oppressed, we are all victims. We cannot live without posting a selfie every minute. We all have awesome sense of humor, if people doesn't like it they don't understand dark humor. How about throwing ourselves in front of trains, or shoving up a dynamite into our asses or drinking bleach or shooting ourselves in the cheek, fight club style? How about some drama? Lipsyncing in front of camera, photoshopping our asses, using faceapp to boost our ego, dressing up like anime characters for getting some upvotes from neckbeards, reposting the same shit over and over for getting approval of strangers...

While we are busy doing dumb shit, technology is evolving and it is gonna catch us off guard. It is evolving faster than ever. I already created a huge mess today. I am gonna talk about that later. I hope you enjoyed reading.


Not much to say today, specially after dumping that monstrosity. I was busy writing this since i woke up and yeah i woke up pretty late again. I don't know why I even wrote a huge article like this and expecting people to read it but it felt so damn good. I feel like i said 80% of the all things i wanted to say here. I will be awake at the rest of the day and probably gonna share another update.