Sleepless wojak

UPDATE - 29 JULY 2021

I am gonna keep this one short. No big mess of writing today. I was wrong about fixing my sleep. I couldn't sleep all night long and woke up pretty late in the morning. It's been 6 hours maybe after i woke up. I have no idea why i cannot sleep at the night. Might be because of anxiety. I have really big concerns for future. I am so afraid of fucking things up. I cannot stop thinking all the shit i need to learn. I cannot stop thinking about tomorrow. Things were really slow for me. I did not show much progress. At least i almost got rid of my nicotine addiction. I was only smoking some slim cigarettes i stole from my dad for last few days. One or two little ciggy each day. If you are trying to quit cigarettes definitely go cold turkey. Trying to ease your way out is a big mistake. Having some cigarettes in hand is gonna make it worse. You gonna end up smoking the entire pack. When you go cold turkey it takes at most a week to get rid of all the nicotine. You just need some willpower.