wageslave wojak


I talked about how much space we waste in this universe as humankind. How much significance we have and how long we probably gonna last. I also mentioned the human infliation. Talked about how there are almost 8 billion people living in this planet. It is mind boggling. Everyday 150 thousand people dies and nobody fucking cares. It would only be a big deal if those 150.000+ people would die in a single incident. And majority of these people are living suboptimal lifes. Maybe 80% of them. And we keep breeding like horny fucking rabbits. As if world needs more population. This is related with human nature. It is not hard to understand why people are programmed into breeding. It is funny how majority of people think humans are not animals, we are something better. Yet almost every human action are highly instinctive. We only think they are conscious actions because human behaviours evoled into something pretty complicated. But if you look deeply into them you can see that they all are products of primitive animal instincts. All human actions are based on surviving and fucking.

I could talk about overpopulation forever but i want to talk about something else, something that concerns me the most. Coping with mediocrity in this massive human inflation. Think about it for a second. Doesn't matter what you do there is almost always someone better than you. Doesn't matter how hard you try there are millions of people trying harder than you. You are not special. You are mediocre, a normie, a pleb, useless peice of shit. Just like anybody else. Even if you are so damn blessed with great genetics world population is so large there are probably millions of people like you. Even if you tried so hard to obtain hardest to obtain skills, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people done it before you and probably market is already full of those skillful bastards. You are a great artist or an athlete? You need crapload of luck to be successful, because guess what? There are millions of super talented artists who cannot pay their bills. You want to be an olympic athlete? Well, too bad your parents did not give you the genetics of top 0.00000000001%, because you need to be best of the best. You need to be a freak of nature to succeed in any proffesional sport. Being perfectionist in these days is impossible. If you say you are a perfectionist you either don't know what perfect is or you are a wannabe perfectionist trying to fool recruiters when looking for a job. Perfectionism is huge waste of time. You will never be perfect. You will never be the best of the world because you both need to be lucky and a hard worker. You need to dedicate your entire life for a single thing.


Ok, maybe i was too pessimistic. When it comes to art and sports yes, you need one hell of a luck. You need to born with the right tools and you need even more luck to be discovered. There is no escape from luck, everything is related with it. If you are trying to be the best, it is gonna be a nightmare for you. But good thing is, you don't need to be perfect. Majority of humans doesn't give any effort for many stuff. With some effort you can be better than most people. A mediocre pilot is mediocre when you compare them with rest of the pilots, but when you compare them with rest of the world you can see they are still better than most when it comes to flying a plane. How many people can fly a plane for fucks sake? With tiny bit of effort you could learn some basic electronics and could be better than most people in that stuff because most people doesn't even know what the hell is a soldering iron. Yes human population is so vastly but good news is very little of them are passionate about doing something great with their lives or even learning. I don't judge people, it doesn't matter what you do with your life at the end of the day. A mediocre life can make you happy for sure. I personally wouldn't compain about a mediocre salary in a real fucking job. But if you can withstand some ass pain you will get rewarded for sure. Whether your talent sells or not.


I woke up after taking a nice sleep today. Early in the morning. It seems i finally unfucked my sleep. I studied a little today but mostly spent my time building webpages to turn my knowledge into action. Well, of course that was kinda waste of time considering all the stuff i did was silly as hell. I made a webpage that looks like it came from late 90s and filled the page with my silly poems as if the page has been created by a cringelord for picking up girls. And named the guy as "Jeffery Whiteknight". It is a personal page supposedly created by this neckbeard. He briefly talks about his hobbies and shares some of his poems for "m'ladies". It was a huge waste of time but i couldn't hold myself. I can share the page in the future for lulz if people wants to see it.