wojak in bed

UPDATE - 27 JULY 2021

A little bit late update, it is already 28th of July here but i wanted to post this anyways. After 24 hours of staying awake and taking the corona shot I was only able to sleep 3 hours or something. I spent rest of the day in my bed trying to sleep with a sore shoulder, terrible headache, shivering, fever and without any appetite. I had the worst headache of my life probably. I am not sure if it was due to vaccine or lack of sleep. I am just glad this shit is over. Now i can wait for the vaccine of other variants. I am pretty much sure this covid shit won't be over anytime soon. You better prepare yourself getting vaccinated every year.

It was a horrible day as you can imagine. I couldn't sleep, couldn't leave my bed, couldn't eat anything... Now everything is alright, i will post another update today. Take care of yourselves frens, try to avoid getting sick and always take a good sleep. Sleep is the best thing ever.