wojak doomer on acid


It's been a long time since I lost myself in the endless corridors of my brain. Human mind is a marvelous thing. When it cannot cope with your reality it pulls you into another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. You are dreaming but wide awake. You feel joy, misery, pain, anger but none of that is real. It only exists in your mind, a wonderland of your own. A wonderland that is circling around you. You are the protagonist this time instead of being a useless detail in another person's world.

Your body catches up to your mind as well. You cannot stand still. You are wondering around, punching an invisible man, playing an invisible guitar, fighting against monsters that doesn't exist, swinging a sword made out of thin air. All of your senses tells you that none of this is real but your mind doesn't care. Your mind and soul already broke the walls of your physical body and launched through the space. You left the stratosphere, even the entire solar system.

You drop down to your bed after the day long adventure. The peace holds you in her arms and removes the filth of entire world out of you. She takes away that weight you were holding on your chest your entire life. You can finally breathe. She sings you the sweetest lullabies your ears ever heard of. The world shrinks into size of a marble alongside your pain and misery. Your eyelids gets heavy and the quiet kicks in. You fall into sleep on top of clouds.

But like every dream, it comes to an end. And the comeback really crushes your soul. The sky falls to the ground, the world shatters and a tsunami hits you. Snap back to reality, ope there goes gravity. Reality smashes you in the face and knocks you to the ground. You are asking to yourself "Why? Why I cannot make my own reality?". The finishing blow comes after you realize how long you have been down there.


Its been a long time yet again. My ability of fucking my life up has no boundaries. Not a single thing has changed in my life except now I have a few online friends. I also started to write a novel but I am not happy with my writing skills at all. I feel like my vocabulary consits of few hundred words. I don't know why the hell I am torturing myself by trying to write something in a language I am not fluent with. I need to read a lot more. I don't even remember when was the last time I genuinely finished a book.

It is the time of year when the war season starts in the middle east huh? I guess you need to pick a side in every major event or everyone is your enemy. Would you like to go with bloodthirsty terrorists or war criminals? Why and how all people ended up being experts on politics all of a sudden? Wherever I look, I see shills. It is not even funny anymore. At some point I was trying to make fun of every bit of absurdity in this clown world but now it is just boring. I think most people can relate that there just too many bots and shills on the internet. I really don't understand why people in my country are so eager to pick a side in every single war. We have absolutely nothing to do with this shit. On one side there are radical islamist retards and commies who condone all the terrorist attacks on Israel. On the other side there are über sechular dissidents sucking on Jewish dick just because of their hatred of Arabs. You live in Turkey among all places for fucks sake. If you really wanna talk about tragedies, talk about the ones happening in your country.