wojak in the woods


Why it takes so long for humans to grow up? When a deer, giraffe or a goat is born, it starts to walk in matter of hours. The moment they open their eyes to the world, they stand up. Many animals in nature fully grow in matter of a couple years. They already know what to do, how to hunt, how to run away from predators, how to stick with the pack, what to eat and what not to eat in very early stages of their lives.

When you open your eyes to the world as a baby human, you are clueless. You are totally dysfunctional. It takes months if not years to learn how to walk. It takes many years to fully learn how to communicate. You put whatever you grab into your mouth as a baby. You do all sorts of stupid things that can end your life. You need parental guidance 24/7. You need someone to tell you what to do, what to eat, even how to take a shit. It takes 18 years to fully grow and become a part of society. Even after 18 many aren't ready, some of them stay as a manchild forever.

Why is that? Science has answers I bet. "Because our heads are too big for pelvic bones so we born highly underdeveloped" or something like that. But the problem is bigger. Even long after you develop a fully functioning brain, you are not ready for life. The moment you step into your early adult life, you feel like a fish on land. You were a tadpole swimming in a small pond your entire life and now you need to learn how to be a frog all by yourself. You need to leave your cozy little pond and throw yourself out into wilderness. You need to grow yourself a pair of legs and learn how to jump and learn how to catch flies.

You waste your most valuable years in school. They feed you up with a lot of bullshit. They are trying to teach you a plethora of information full of unnecessary details but they fail to teach the very basics. You end up filling your head with useless details but you don't know shit about how things work. You memorize the periodic table but don't know how chemicals react with each other. They teach you the mechanics of ATP synthesis in human cells but you don't even know where the liver is located in human body. They teach you differential equations but you don't know what to do with that. You memorize all the ancient civilizations and their law but don't even know how your government works. They don't teach you where money comes from, how capitalism works, what are some of the most popular political ideologies and all other very necessary information to understand what the crap is going on in the world. They outright lie to you time to time. Purposefully designed lies. All that hassle is to shape you into a conformist little sheep. All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

And if your family, friends or society doesn't educate you on very basics of socializing, how to behave, how to get a job, how to pay your bills, how to do paperwork, you are totally screwed. You are on your own. You don't know how to live a healthy life even. And when school or family doesn't guide young people, internet does. This is why we see all sorts of degeneracy and stupidity among younger Gen Z.

If you ask kids what they want to become in the future, the answer changes in every period of their lives. Younger they are, stupider the answer gets. A 6 yo would say "I want to become a superhero" or "an astronaut", "a president", "a cowboy", "I want to become Chuck Norris". Once they become teenagers the answer changes. It becomes something a little more sensible but still more often than not it is a big, fancy dream. They might say "I want to become a CEO" or "a successful surgeon", "next Bill Gates". Later in their teenage years they just want a job where they can make a lot of money with only a little effort. After they graduate from high school or college they waste a lot of time searching for their dream jobs and eventually settle down for being burger flippers. Very few aim for realistic goals and score those goals. Those are the lucky few on earth born in the right place, at the right time and with a lot of guidance. For rest of us, we end up being one-line actors in a script written by someone else.


I made a habit of ignoring this website. I have disappointed some people, I see. I really didn't want to whine about my crappy ass life every single day for the last 4-5 months. I have been through hell ever since my last post. I am waking up with nightmares, my anxiety is out of this world, my hands are shaking constantly, I am losing my health day by day, having a hard time breathing because of my smoking habit, didn't talk to anyone for a long time and I lost all the feeling and emotions.

I am just numb all the time. Cannot feel angry, cannot feel happy, cannot feel sad. Just plain numbness. If they say the world is ending tomorrow, I probably wouldn't react to it. Everyday I read about all the horrible shit happening in my country and around the world but none of it sparks any response in my brain. Closest thing I get to a feeling are the anxiety attacks that kicks in usually during the night. I don't even remember when was the last time I took a good sleep.

I worked in a factory as a manual labor for a short while during that time and let me tell you something. FUCK WAGESLAVERY! I was working from 7am to 5pm with only 1 hour of break time for lunch. They made me work like a goddamn machine. No resting, no stopping. And there was this bitch who is an overseer. Never seen such a disgusting human being in my life. If this bitch sees you taking a rest for a second, even if you don't have work at hand, she will yell at you. Only thing she is missing is a whip. She is the reincarnated 21st century form of Irma Grese. I even got yelled at by her because of her dumb ass not doing her job properly and telling me what to do. Why women with power always end up like this? And I have seen all sorts of low life scumbags picking up on other people for not working hard enough. It is like the prisoners of Auschwitz torturing their comrades for a slightly better treatment. I am still wondering what kind of social experiment I have been through. I quit that job after 2 months and went back to being a total failure.

Now I am back to trying and failing to build myself a whole new career in IT. With the current state of tech industry and all the crap I need to deal with because of living in a country that's being ruled by absolute smoothbrained monkeys I am not even sure if it will work out. I was just doing 1 hour of work a day and spend rest of my time laying on my bed staring at the ceiling and thinking how the hell am I gonna save myself from this situation.