Alien Ayy Lmao Wojak


I don't know you but I quite like reading paranormal schizo shit on the internet specially if they are well written. Most shit you read online about paranormal stuff are just poor attempts of writing short stories. I remember when creepypasta was a thing. Never been into it because most of it was cringeworthy garbage.

I am not a huge horror fan because I find it quite boring most of the time. I like horror movies with a unique story and lots of thrill. I loved the first REC movie. I also loved the first Saw movie. I also like zombie movies but not sure if they considered horror movies.

Anyways, paranormal shit. I am not a believer of paranormal. Title of this post might be deceiving but I have been through some stuff I cannot quite explain with logic. Not over the top ghost stories but I want to talk about them anyways.


I remember the day my grandma died. My mother's mom. She was suffering from a brain tumor ever since I knew her. Cancer is a fucked up thing. Specially for those around you. I don't know much about my mother's family because I rarely visited them. I have seen my grandma 5 or 6 times in my life. Every time I saw her she was even more sick. She was gaining a lot of weight and just before she died she was totally paralyzed. She was half dead. Poor woman suffered from cancer for years. People couldn't even feel sorry for her death. They felt happy that she won't suffer anymore.

I was a kid at the time. It was during the winter. I remember it being the coldest winter I have ever seen. I have an uncle not much older than me. Maybe 7 years older. He was a highschool kid at the time. He loves snow as much as I do. It was a Friday morning and ground was full of snow. We could barely walk. We were having fun together in a park. Playing snowball and occasionally skiing with plastic bags. Half an hour passed that way, it was still early in the morning. Everything was great until my uncle stopped all of a sudden. He said that he doesn't feel good. He said that "I feel something has happened to your grandma, we better go back home". I really didn't want to go back home since we just started having fun but I just couldn't convince him. As we were walking back home he kept saying that "Something bad happened, I can feel it".

The moment we arrived grandma was dead. They said she died not long before we arrived. It is possible she died right at the moment my uncle started acting weird all of a sudden. It's been more than a decade since that happened and I still cannot explain how the hell he knew. How the hell he could feel that grandma died. This is the single weirdest experience I have ever had in my life.


Here is another event that gave me a trauma for life. I was having night terrors quite often when I was a kid. I couldn't sleep at night because of unreasonable fear of someone standing behind me. I was even afraid of turning my back while I was laying on my bed. I was afraid of walls. I know it sounds stupid. But I felt like someone is standing there watching me. I always slept in a room full of lights

One night, for no reason I woke up from my sleep. Not because of a sound or anything. Just woke up like that. And right in front of me there was a window with closed up curtains. And I saw that. A shadowy figure sitting there motionless. I could mostly see a hand and not much else but that was enough to freak me out. I screamed and ran into my parents' room. Told them what I saw. They told me it was just a nightmare but I knew that I was awake.

Strange thing is, after that night my mom heard rumors about a thief climbing up buildings. It was probably a bastard trying to climb up the pipes or something. Or it was the very first sleep paralysis I have ever had. Or maybe it was a tree branch I mistaken with someone's hand. Nonetheless I was scared shitless.


Here is a UFO story for those believe in Ayy Lmaos. It was the year 2012. You remember all the bullshit about apocalypse? They even made a crappy ass movie about it. It was like yet another Y2K hysteria type of thing. People seriously believed world is gonna end the moment we enter the year 2012. As you know nothing has happened. I know there are some tinfoil hat wearing schizos believing that world actually has ended somehow and we are living in an alternate universe. As I said, I love this type of schizo bullshit.

Anyways, it was 2012 summer. And I was standing outside chatting with friends. It was pretty late at evening. We decided it is getting late and it is time to go home. We were walking towards my home and we were gonna split in the middle so we can talk some more along the way. I was about to say goodbye to my buddy but right at that moment I saw a really bright light up in the sky. I pointed it to my buddy. He saw it as well. It was a bright white light. Brighter than moon even. Like it wasn't weird enough, it started spiraling all of a sudden. It started looking like a galaxy shining up in the sky. We couldn't figure out what was it but there were other people around us witnessed the same thing. I was thinking to myself shit is finally happening. The grand finale of the year 2012. It kept turning and turning until it turned into a white cloud and disappeared into nothingness.

Its been a decade after that event. And I learned what the hell was that only a year ago or something. It turns out it was a failed ballistic missile. I randomly came across a video footage of the exact same thing I saw that day, while I was surfing through the web. How weird, I totally forgot about this event up until very recently. How can you forget about such strange thing?


I am pretty caffeinated right now. Chugged a huge cup of coffee that was barely a liquid. God fucking damn it was tough. My hands are shaking and my head is killing me. You know you have a problem if the shit you drink shakes you up just by its smell.

Anyways, I wasn't gonna share anything today since there isn't anything new with me. But wanted to share something just before I start my routine.

Let me tell you a little bit about my situation. I totally messed up at school. My grades couldn't be worse and graduating from this school ain't gonna happen. It was clear for me a year ago at least. But my parents doesn't know how big I screwed. I have 6 months until they realize it. In only 6 months I need to kickstart my career at something. Anything that can grant me my financial freedom. I either gonna make it work or gonna put a bullet in my head. This is how serious it is.

Like my parents squeezing my balls isn't enough, I need to deal with living in a shithole country in the verge of a collapse. I am seriously concerned some civil war or something like that is gonna happen and ruin all my plans. I need to save some money and get fuck out of here ASAP.