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I want to believe. I want to believe there is a god somewhere up in the skies laughing his ass off because of the magnificent circus he created. Oh, what a wonderful shitshow the life is. We have lots of clowns and actors. All kinds of absurdity you can or cannot imagine. If life itself would be a movie it would get roasted by fart sniffing movie critics for being too absurd. Life is like a drama with lots and lots of comedy and absurdity mixed in.

A guy kills a 15yo and commits all the crimes in the book. He gets released a couple months later. First thing he does? Stabbing a random woman walking down the streets, clueless about what is gonna happen to her. She gets stabbed to death by the guy. Guy gets jailed but gets his freedom not long after. Yet again. All played in the great circus we live in.

Ok, check this one. A police officer rapes a woman. In a goddamn police car. Woman goes to police. Instead of dealing with the situation, other police officers silences the woman. Woman gets a slap in the wrist for misbehaving. Rapists gets away with it. Meanwhile, in another part of the world. A police officer stops a car. For speeding and terrorizing the traffic. He is just doing his job. But one thing he is not aware of, the car he just stopped belongs to a spoiled rich bastard whose daddy is a senator. Cop loses his job. Spoiled bastard's daddy gets a promotion.

Want to hear a horror story? Ok then. I heard this from a friend of mine. A young girl kills her mother, skins her, chops her up into pieces, cuts her head off and boils it down in a deep pot and eats it. She gets released for being mentally ill and therefore not being eligible for punishment. No newspaper talks about this. It doesn't make it to the headlines, nobody talks about it, nobody knows about it. Just a friend of my friend and a couple other people. Think about all the Ted Bundies we are living with. All the psychopaths you are not aware of. All the horrendous crimes flying under the radar.

Fun Part of The World

Among all the countries, 3rd world shitholes are my favorite ones. If you are living in a first world country with no problems you cannot imagine all the fun you were missing. All the absurdity, all the cruelty, all the entertainment 3rd world shitholes can offer. They are the most entertaining places on earth. Reading about stuff happening in 3rd world countries alone can make you realize how big of a shitshow the entire life is.

Imagine a country where government is running drugs and drug users are getting jailed. Oh, sweet irony. But wait, there is even a funnier one. Imagine a country… A country where people talking about illegal drugs gets jailed but government itself has a deep relationship with drug dealers. Somebody should tell them marketing is good for their business. And check this one out. In the same country, you don't get jailed right off the bat for using drugs, but you get your ass jailed for praising those same drugs. Hahahahahaha! Selling drugs is ok, using them is ok, talking bout them is a big no no!

Now think about a country that is being ruled by thieves and traitors and these thieves don't even hide it. People voted for the king of all these thieves knows that he is a total piece of shit but they vote for him anyways. Imagine this same guy fucks up the economy by his own hands and people just act like nothing is wrong. They call you a traitor for complaining too much about the current state of economy. Even though the fucker getting his ass licked by these clowns admits that he is responsible for everything. Welcome to the 3rd world.

The Saga of Banana Republic

Now, check this out. In a country called Banana Republic, government has deep roots into religious cults. They place cult members into all parts of the bureaucracy. Cult members starts to occupy most critical jobs in Banana Republic. All judges are cult members, all police officers are cult members, all soldiers are cult members. You don't support this mighty cult and thinking their actions are questionable? Good luck doing business in Banana Republic. They attack you with all sorts of disgusting slander and they do their best to ruin your business. This one cult has a mighty leader. People of Banana Republic loves their cult leader. Their prime minister is nothing but his puppet, his worshiper. Everyone is praising this mighty prophet and those who don't, loses their jobs and even get jailed for bullshit crimes that hasn't even been committed.

And one day supreme leader of Banana Republic thinks to himself, he is nothing short of a prophet himself. He doesn't need that cult leader. He needs more power. He wants it all. He deems that false prophet a traitor and starts to fight against his followers. Once a great worshiper becomes a false prophet himself. Despite his past with the cult leader of great Banana Republic, despite empowering this false prophet and his followers himself for decades, despite jailing patriotic people of Banana Republic for not worshiping his prophet and replacing them with spineless asslickers, he gets all the credit for saving his country from this evil and treacherous cult. People call him a hero. They love him even more now for all of his service for Banana Republic.

Funniest part of all? This supreme leader of Banana Republic once was a beloved man by the western media. They sucked his dick and swallowed his cum until the last drop. Thanks to western media praising the hell out of spineless leader of Banana Republic and their now infamous cult leader, Banana Republic prospered. Banana Republic got showered with all kinds of investment and their leader gained incredible amount of political power. Now he got rid of the false prophet and became the true king of his own empire, western media suddenly changed its attitude. Suddenly they realized supreme leader of Banana republic is nothing but a bloody dictator. And the false prophet, the mastermind behind all of this shit, the entire reason why dictator of Banana Republic became a man of power instead of a common wage slave, still living his life inside fortified walls. Protected by the mightiest of all first world countries.

And while 3rd world shitholes are tearing themselves apart, citizens of the first world, people watching this great circus from the back seats are fighting over the stupidest shit one can imagine. Their biggest misery is a bigot misgendering them or people refusing to use whatever retarded pronouns they gave to themselves. Biggest problem in the world is the racist, sexist, misogynistic language called English. They have problems with pronouns and gender specific words. Like we ran out of problems in the goddamn world. Zoomers living in the center of attention thinks to themselves they are saving the world with the power of keyboard. They are modern day thinkers, philosophers, scholars and prophets. All thanks to mighty twitter. Every problem on earth seems to be solved by a flag. A new age political ideology is solution to everything. They even point their fingers at dirty 3rd world dwellers for destroying the nature with their dirty industries. Sorry for not being able to afford a Tesla and destroying the nature with our cheap, dirty gasoline cars from the stone age. Sorry for eating meat, we don't have the same moral standards. We cannot exactly afford shelves full of supplements and fancy vegan food. Sorry that we are heating our houses using dirty fossil fuel and cooking with gas instead of induction cookers. Electricity isn't exactly cheap in here. We sure disappointed Greta Thunberg didn't we?

Darwin Awards

Good thing we have Darwin Awards. Greatest of all clowns is the one wastes himself for the entertainment of the crowd after all. Oh wait, it is not an official award yet. What a shame. Because whenever I see a retard cleaning himself out of the gene pool I laugh my ass off. Another form of entertainment in the greatest circus of the entire universe. I heard about people trying to put down a fire using an oxygen tank used for welding and exploding themselves. I heard about a retard trying to flush down a hand grenade and destroying his hand. I heard about friends pulling a prank on one of their friends by shoving down a goddamn air hose into his arsehole and pumping pressurized air inside his intestines and killing him. Who needs enemies when you have friends, right? And guys smuggling drugs inside a condom located in their rear trunk. You should watch the shitshow happens after that condom explodes and guy starts overdosing slowly from anal ingestion. Heard countless stories like that and seen one video on the internet. What a way to die.

Gun accidents are my favorite though. There is nothing funnier than seeing a guy with a split open face because of an accidental shotgun discharge. Or a retarded ass cop shooting himself in the foot while demonstrating gun safety. You have seen this video. Or, how about retards trying to use a fully automatic rifle for the first time and shooting themselves because of the muzzle climb? But the most hilarious ones are always the ones occurring during a gunfight. I have seen a guy shouldering an LMG and thinking he is John Rambo but gets his head turned into a popcorn in seconds by a sniper shooting down the hill.

You are thinking to yourself I lost my goddamn mind. Maybe I did. I fucking take nothing seriously anymore. God himself created the life for his own goddamn enjoyment. We are nothing but fucktoys in his cruel game. You can do nothing but trying to enjoy the shitshow and take nothing seriously. Suddenly, anything is a form of entertainment. One man's misery another man's joy.

And dear god, if you hear me. I have nothing against you. Thank you for this magnificent shitshow you have created. If I was a god, I would do the same. I wouldn't change a damn thing in this world. I would even poke some people time to time to make them lose their minds to intensify the shitshow. Life is as amusing as it gets. If there is a religion where people accepts that god is one massive troll, I am gonna worship their god. I will end up being the most conservative believer of that religion. But all religions are selling you the same "all-mighty, all-knowing, justice loving god" bullshit. To me, a god who is taking humans seriously isn't worthy of my respect. Have you ever seen a lion talking to a lizard? We are nothing but bunch of insects compared to god. God doesn't have any moral obligations. He can do whatever the fuck he wants with the circus monkeys he created.


After weeks of insomnia and a few days of horrible fever I finally managed to get some nice sleep. Sleep is the sweetest thing in the world. If I could pick one superpower I would pick the ability of sleeping and waking up whenever I want. Don't fuck with your sleep frens. Sleep is steroids for your brain. Sleep is nutrition for your memory. God, you cannot imagine how shitty I was feeling last few weeks. I could get maybe 3-4 hours of half assed sleep a day. Sometimes no sleep at all.