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I mentioned before, we don't have any free will as humankind. This is something you cannot even think about. It is a total mindfuck. "What you mean we don't have any free will?" you might ask. I will explain why we are not free on our choices and why "free will" is a faulty concept.

This shit was boggling my mind for a long time. It is like your brain is programmed into not thinking this. But it is actually something very obvious. You did not choose to be who you are. You are molded into it. You did not choose your family, you did not choose your genetics, you did not choose your nationality, people you know, type of things you like, type of things you hate, your sexual preferences, your gender. You did not choose your mind either, you did not choose your mental capabilities or your iq. You did not choose your brain. You act the way you act because of your mind and memory which you did not choose. In these circumstances how can someone believe that they have any free will? "What about our soul?". We don't have any. We are all robots. All of our actions has been determined since the beginning of the universe. Well yes, i know determinism has been killed by quantum physics but how much impact really subatomic particles have in your life? I even heard some people saying "We have free will because determinism has been debunked". Even if we say that shit happens in subatomic levels has a huge impact on our lives, how the hell that proves we are totally free? That just proves our lives are controlled by random shit happening in subatomic levels and it is totally unpredictable. That's fucking worse if you ask me.

Before i create a huge mess lets get back to talking about soul. Soul is such a faulty concept as well. Maybe i don't understand it because i am an ignorant fucking heretic. But can anybody actually understand it? If we have a brain why we need a soul? Is soul a copy of your mind? I even heard people saying "Soul is your consciousness, this is why science cannot tell where the consciousness resides in your brain." Consciousness is not a physical thing. It is a human made term. It is hard to understand and people have all sorts of opinions about it. I just think that your consciousness is your brain and caused by communicaton of your neurons. It is not something you can take away from the brain and put into something else. It takes an entire brain to create consciousness. And no, science-fiction mumbo jumbo won't work either. Even if you create an exact copy of your brain it won't be you. Even if you somehow managed to charge the copycat brain with the electrical signals of your former brain.

Consciousness is something abstract. When your physical brain has been damaged you are totally gone. Even if your soul has all of your memories or a detailed schematics of your brain it is not gonna save you. Your soul and newly built body free from material is just gonna be a copy of you. Your soul might have fun with virgins in heaven while your physical body and your actual self rotting under the dirt. You are totally gone, forever. There is no way to preserve the consciousness without preserving the organic brain. So, no afterlife for you. It is only possible if we are all living in a simulation. Because that way when you die it is only gonna be the fake image of your brain that is gonna disappear from existence. But claiming that religion has a concept of Matrix is a huge stretch. I just cannot put the pieces together. I don't understand how having a soul is gonna change everything about concept of free will either but anyways. I am not here to talk about religion and its concepts. The subject was "free will".


We don't have infinite amount of choices in our lives. Neither we have knowledge of entire universe or infinite amount of brain power to compute all the different chocies. Therefore all of our choices are gonna be biased. Bias that has been created by outer world. Only way i can think of having a free will is to have infinite amount of knowledge to judge everything perfectly and make a truly unbiased choice and infinite amount of computing power to deal with all the information. And maybe endless time to make decisions. Long story short you must be a god to have any free will. Otherwise all of your decisions are gonna get limited by things you cannot control. Therefore it is impossible to have any free will. All of your thoughts are products of your brain processing all your knowledge. You have chosen neither of them. If you want to have a mind that is more "free" you need to feed it with more information to have conclusions that are less biased but it never becomes totally unbiased.


I did not sleep since i uploaded the last update. As you can guess i feel like a mess. I am done with basic HTML and CSS and ready to speed things up. I wasn't able to put so much effort into learning today but progress is progress i guess. I am almost back to where i was a year ago. Which is some basic HTML and CSS. I think this is gonna work. Only thing i need to do is not wasting anymore time. I will keep updating this blog everyday even if i totally suck. And i won't hide it.