It's an abstract kind of feel


Have you ever realized how we don't have words for every kind of feeling? Maybe my vocabulary is trash but everybody at some point tried to explain something but has been defeated by boundaries of language.

How many different feelings can you describe?

Love, hate, happiness, anger, joy, sadness… Maybe you can go a little further with fancier words like euphoria or epiphany.

Ever since I learned about untranslatable words from different languages it started to boggle my mind that how many different feelings are there that is hard to describe. Did you know about that German word called "Waldeinsamkeit"? It has no direct translation but it roughly means feeling lonely in the woods. And there is a word called "Aspaldiko" in Basque language roughly means happiness you feel after meeting someone you haven't seen for a long time. "Fernweh" means homesickness for a a place you have never been before in German. "Abbiocco" in Italian means the drowsiness you feel after a large meal. "Koi no yokan" in Japanse describes the excitement you feel after meeting with someone you think you will love eventually

Lots of unique words from lots of different languages describing feelings you have felt before but couldn't put in words. But how about many other feelings nobody can describe, even ones only you can understand personally and maybe never felt by someone else before.

How about being in a long car trip during the night and listening to radio while watching out the window?

Or, sitting on a bench enjoying the clear skies in an afternoon during the summer?

How about staying in your room with a cup of coffee and watching the raindrops slowly crawling down your window?

Waking up in the middle of a night and not knowing what to do and just sitting there in the darkness feeling numb.

Looking at old black and white photos of random people and thinking about all those people lived on earth and left without leaving a mark.

Coming across a random youtube video from 2006 with 100 views.

Visiting the places you have been in as a kid long time ago.

There must be a word for last hours of school on Friday. It's been a long time since I felt this. Last class and last minutes of school and you have all weekend for yourself to enjoy. It is just a lot more than happiness. It sure is a feeling on its own.

Thinking about your old friends and wondering what they do. This sure is a weird kind of feeling specially if you had lots of friends in the past and have no friends now.

Being outside and hearing no voices or seeing no human being. Just empty streets and chirps of birds. Wondering where is everyone for a couple minutes until you actually see someone.

Seeing places that are vaguely familiar but also strange.

Looking at the sky and thinking about all those planets you won't even get a chance to see in your lifetime.

Satisfaction of looking at something beautiful you have created with your own hands. Possibly the best kind of feeling but we don't have a specific word for it. What a shame.

Maybe I am just weird or overly emotional. I get goosebumps from certain kind of music or looking at a painting, photograph or a drawing giving me weird vibes. I am sure I am not the only one having a hard time describing weird vibes like these. Some of those feelings are so obscure it is impossible to even understand what exactly triggers them.


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