european brainlet


Learning about western culture definitely has changed my perspective. Ever since I learned english and started to get familiar with the lifestyle of western people, I started to empathize. As a person living in a 3rd world country, I can confidently say that your pain is far greater than ours.

Whenever I see someone complaining on twitter about their 6 figure salary they earn by sitting on a desk all day, it always brings tears to my eyes. Or seeing people on instagram sharing inspirational quotes with a picture of starbucks mug and talking about how we all must destroy the system. This is obviously worse than slavery. Working? Are you serious? Is this gulag? Every person deserves to get paid equally without being forced to work.

Or whenever I see someone complaining about getting fatshamed because of being morbidly obese and not being able to do regular everyday tasks because of that and receiving free healthcare, welfare and a personal assistant for wiping their asses, it makes me cry. I have seen kids dying because of various kinds of diseases because government doesn't give a crap in my country but that is nothing compared to your misery. If I was a writer, I would write a book that talks about your tragedy. No person in the world deserves that kind of mistreatment. This is literally worse than fucking genocide.

How about all those poor women getting kink shamed just because they want to cheat on their husband with 10 men. All those sexist, misogynistic pieces of shit judging them for that. I believe in a society where no woman gets called a slut for getting her anus stretched beyond its limits by 10 guys and an octopus. Women getting brutally murdered on streets or children getting forcefully married with a 40yo pervert is nothing compared to getting kink shamed. I cannot understand how cruel men can be. It is her body her choice, you sexist fucking cunts.

Talking about women problems, how about not being able to get twice as much salary? Retiring early and getting paid vacations during pregnancy is not enough. I don't wan't to live in a world where women doesn't get paid twice as much as men. Also those filthy men should kneel on their knees and kiss their wives feet every year in women's day. Or better we should enslave all men and use them only for breeding purposes because a society without men is a billion times better.

How about all those fascists and their free speech bullshit. It is not enough that we have safe zones in universities and crap. I envision a world where every place is a discrimination free safe zone. It should be illegal to speak anything outside of universally accepted ideas.

Don't you hate when people get your pronouns wrong? How about getting misgendered? This is by far the biggest tragedy in the entire world. Forget about all the genocides and world wars. Forget about children dying out of hunger and definitely forget about countries getting bombed to the ground. I have seen women killing themselves for not being able to feed their children but even this is nothing compared to your problems. What kind of cruel world we are living in. We all should talk about this. In the year 2022, people are getting misgendered and even worse they try to talk to you without even asking your pronouns. I cannot put this into words. How dare you! If you don't think we should punish those who are misgendering people with death, you are worse than a neonazi. God forgive me for saying this word, you sir are a white cismale!

And trans children not being able to recieve hormonal replacement theraphy? Absolutely unbelievable. Is this Nazi Germany or what? Who are you to say "A 7yo cannot get a hormonal replacement"?

Teenagers killing themselves with drug overdose, people are commiting crimes just because their lives are boring or even joining into jihadist terrorist organizations, people are taking their lives because easy life has no purpose, getting sick of doing nothing and getting paid for that... You guys sure have bigger problems than anybody else in the world. You are the most opressed, most victimized, most mistreated people on earth. And even though we filthy 3rd world subhumans don't deserve, you know what is best for us. You open your arms to all those not equally oppressed minorities and bravely defend their rights for them. You are the saviours of mankind. Can you imagine what would happen to Libya or Iraq if western world would not bring any freedom to their countries? But I am concerned about you poor first world people. You seem to suffer from bigger problems. So, for your own good, maybe you should not bring anymore freedom to world and deal with your own problems.


Nothing has changed since last time. It is midnight already, and I am awake. I don't know what the hell am I doing with my life anymore. You can see my frustration through my posts I guess. Sorry for all the typos and stuff. I am having a hard time keeping my sanity. I hope today's post was not so offensive. I will cringe reading many of the shit I wrote in the past but whatever. I am so full of people's bullshit as you can guess. I cannot reach into my friend for a long time and I hope he is doing fine. It feels horrible seeing my closest friends suffer and not being able to do anything. That's about it for today. Hope you are all doing fine. I don't recommend reading the shit I write and taking it seriously. If I would fully open myself up I would get all sorts of enemies.