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I love surfing on the web. Internet is an amazing, awful, disgusting, entertaining, upsetting, cheerful, cancerous and sometimes horrifying place. Arguably the best invention after the invention of writing. But everything on internet is quite temporary. Even the term "surfing" became something obsolete. If "surfing" the web is one of your hobbies people might even think that you are some sort of weirdo nowadays. Because internet only consists of youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram, netflix for most people. If you are a weirdo you can also add 4chan and reddit into the list.

Big tech definitely ruined the entire internet. In every single social media platform big brother allows certain type of opinions and cancel rest of them. Do not take the term "big brother" so literally. I am not a tinfoil hat guy, i know world is not being ruled by a single entity. Even if the content is not political or "offensive" they can get nuked for several reasons. Sometimes DMCA decides to fuck with content creators. As a result we are losing bits and pieces of internet day by day. And old content is getting replaced by more bullshit. Tons of it.

Well of course tech companies are allowed to do whatever they want with their platform, this is not the concern. But most of the time governments are also censoring the huge portion of the internet. In China you cannot talk shit about president Pooh. In Russia you cannot talk shit about the obvious guy. In North Korea you don't even have access to the internet, they have their own network and you better praise the supreme leader everyday on North Korean twitter. In United States of Freedom, you are totally free to say whatever you want but they are gonna keep their eyes on you. One day you might end up seeing a glowing guy in your backyard. All of the world governments are aware of the power internet has to offer. USA even has an internet killswitch (Standard Operating Procedure 303). They have seen how easily people can get organsied on the internet during Arab Spring. They can cut all the communication anytime they want in a certain area of the USA. Considering majortiy of internet traffic is based on America they also have power to control internet traffic of the world. And shit is getting even worse.


It seems that there is a good chance internet is gonna split apart into pieces. Some countries in the world are gonna have their own intranet networks. These are not my predictions of course. In 2018 former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt has predicted that internet is gonna split in two by 2028. And he has some sensible arguments. He claims that China wants to play alone and wants to create their own "internet". Considering that China developing its own internet protocol it is not so far from reality. In China you are not allowed to access great portion of the internet anyways. They might as well pull the plug of the internet and build a huge wall between China and rest of the world. And most terrifying thing is, there is a great chance Russia and some other countries might join them and we might end up having two gigantic networks that cannot communicate to each other. This might change everything. It means that some countries are gonna be able to do their propaganda a lot easier. And it is also gonna be a lot easier for media to spew lies about other half of the world. No more fact checking. This might even totally destroy globalism and might result as two seperate societies that are totally alien to each other. This is a total win for all governments.

But something even worse can happen. We might end up having more than two seperate "internets". Iran is currently working on their own intranet project. And it seems they are determined to cut all the communication with outer world. I feel so sorry for Iranian people. They probably have the worst possible government in the world other than maybe North Korea. I hope i won't get blacklisted by Iranian CIA after saying this. Iran has a lot of secular people despite all the brainwashing of their government.


I know i am not the only one concerned about future of the internet and preserving the internet history. I have seen a lot of people hoarding crapload of data to save the internet. I have seen people who has home servers with more than 1 Petabyte of storage. Some people give tremendous amount of effort to preserve the internet.

Well, i was able to make myself a small collection of data as well. Nothing more than 800Gb. I save most of the stuff i find interesting. I was able to save some great websites over the years. Some of those websites doesn't exist on the web anymore. I also have some decent amount of books and documents. When it comes to books i am pretty picky. Reading a book requires a lot of time investment and i don't want to waste that time for reading something that is total dogshit. I also plan to save some stuff from youtube as soon as i get myself more storage. Some of my youtube playlists are half empty. I regret not saving all the stuff i like. Do not make the same mistake. Save your favorite youtube videos into your hard drive before they get nuked from existence.


I feel pretty numb right now. I was gonna take a nap in the morning but ended up sleeping more than 10 hours. Now it is daytime again and i need to stay awake all night. I am done with cigarettes once again. Let's hope that this is gonna be the last time i am quitting the ciggies. When it comes to my process, it is as slow as it can get. I could only study a couple hours. My day and night cycle is a huge mess right now. I am hoping that i will be able to spend rest of the day and tomorrow being productive.

I got a lot of wholesome comments from people. I want to thank you once again. I couldn't reply to your comments because my neocities account is not older than 1 week. I need to wait for that. I also got some comments from people asking for my data collection. I am so glad people are interested but i currently cannot share my data collection. In the future i am planning to build a file server to share some of my data. But currently i neither have time for it nor a decent amount of upload speed. I probably have one of the worst possible internet connections when it comes to upload. For some fucking reason my ISP only gives me less than 0.5mbps upload speed. Uploading an image sometimes takes minutes.

Also, you can take whatever you want from this website whitout even a mention or credit. I am so glad that some people like the design. Although without that fancy, cpu destroying CRT effect it would look ugly as hell. And it is not my own creation. Since people are interested here is the website where i took it from: