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We are living in a strange era. Everyone can say anything just to oppose people they don't like. Hippes can be war mongers and conservatives can suck commie dick. Liberals can be fascists and religious nuts can shape into freedom fighters. Anyone can be anything at this point. Because if your enemy says something, it must be wrong and you must stand against it. This is how it works.

In the year 2022, people have finally gave a middle finger to evolution and went back to being spineless prehistoric reptiles. And it is very ironic they blame each other for being NPCs. Like someone is not pushing the buttons up high for them to act a certain way. Radical people never fail to amaze me. You are eating every piece of bullshit they feed you with and you call people robots. I am not talking about certain group of people. I am talking about all of them. They call themselves freethinkers and they believe it is their right to silence others just because "ThEy DiD ThE SaMe". They even use each other's arguments against the opposite side. I don't think in any part of history we have seen this much stupidity.

I probably should stop doomscrolling. It just makes me sick. You probably think that I am talking about recent events. Not at all, same type of bullshit happens everyday. Not only on a special occasion. Does any political ideology has any meaning anymore? Liberalism, communism, socialism, democracy, anarchy... They are some fancy terms people use to take cover. It is like choosing a class in a poorly made mmorpg. It doesn't make any difference. And the only political ideology in the world is populism. Sucking as many dicks as possible. You can say something today and do something totally opposite tomorrow. As long as people cheer you for it.

I am talking pretty vague probably. But I think you got the point. Only thing I hate is the hypocrisy. Otherwise I don't give any shit about politics. It is so hard not to dive balls deep into it nowadays because everything must be political. Everything must be left or right, black or white. Conflict is the human nature I get it. But why common sense isn't? Isn't superior human intelligence the only reason we have dominated our planet?