wojak victory of death


I am not here for fear mongering. I am not thinking that world is gonna end tomorrow. But situation in the world is pretty fucked right now. Global natural disasters, pandemic, financial crisis, riots and on top of that all the wars happening all around the world makes me think that god is having one hell of a fun. It is almost comically bad but world has seen a lot worse. You wouldn't want to live throughout 20th century. 2 global wars, Spanish Flu, Tuberculosis, great depression, cold war, global oil and mineral crisis, Chernobyl disaster, Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Cuban missile crisis, Vietnam war, Gulf wars, Chechen wars, Yugoslavian civil war and Srebrenica, Congo civil war and tons of other massacres and genocides happened in Africa, Tiananmen massacre. Overall most disgusting shit you can ever imagine. By far biggest disasters in human history happened in 20th century without a doubt. Imagine you open your eyes to the world in the year 1900 and lived at least 100 years and saw the world tearing itself apart. You definitely deserve a medal if you managed to survive that long specially if you have been in both world wars.

I do believe we are in the verge of another global war. Hopefully it never happens but there is nothing wrong with preparing for the worst. I am not sure how you can prepare yourself for a nuclear war but we better get ready for another long lasting war betwwen the west and the east. Worst thing is, most people from this century are soft. We haven't seen all the shit people seen during the 20th century. The situation is pretty similar to WW1. People were using muskets, horses and swords a decade ago in war. Now you are afraid of bombs falling on top of you, machineguns turning you into a pile of dust, tanks breaking into the trenches. We have seen nuclear disasters but never seen a proper nuclear war.

At the best case scenario, nothing happens and we suffer from a long lasting economic crisis. This is really the best we can expect. Of course this is gonna hit the 3rd and 2nd world countries a lot worse. No need to be stupidly optimistic. I can already see the world splitting apart. Either eastern block is gonna isolate themselves from rest of the world for a long time, or we will get a full blown war. Both situations are pretty fucked up. I am not balls deep into politics. So, my judgment is gonna be faulty. But even the most apolitic person in the world can see nothing good can come out of this.

And if the worst happens and you get hit by a nuke and by a misfortune you survive, you don't have much time to kill yourself before you start shitting your guts out due to radiation sickness.


Last couple days were really rough. Not only because political tension all around the world. I cannot see myself going anywhere in life. My whole life was a huge failure. I seriously considered killing myself. People think it takes balls to do that. But actually suicide is the most cowardly thing you can do. It takes no courage whatsoever. There are pain free ways to end yourself. I am not gonna talk about that to give any ideas. I now feel pretty ok. I am going easy on cigarettes. For last couple days my addiction went out of control. I could not even breathe. I was lighting up a ciggy once every 20 minutes. I won't complain too much. Everyone is distracted and scared. It is gonna be over, like everything else. We haven't seen the worst mother nature has to offer. End is near yes, but our generation won't see that. I think our species has solid 2000 years to live, optimistically speaking. Knowing that is important. It makes you give absolutely zero shit about trivial things in life. Making yourself a name, earning more money than you can ever spend, making children, becoming famous...