doomer using computer in a dark room


TV is garbage in almost every single country. Anytime I see someting on TV I want to fuck myself to death. I used to think that youtube and other streaming services are gonna replace the TV altogether. This might be true but it is not gonna be better this way because this garbage platform is getting worse and worse each day. Even complaining about youtube started to become boring but I will talk about this anyways.

First of all, I know that youtube is allowed to do wahtever the fuck they want with their platform and we cannot do anything about it. Everyone complains about their bullshit but they keep using it anyways because guess fucking what? They have became a monopoly. Sure there are crapload of other video streaming websites out there, but if you cannot find whatever you are looking for in there what can you do about it?


I won't complain so much about the cringe you can find on youtube because it is not as bad as it used to be. I remember a couple years ago you could not fucking watch youtube without getting flooded with all types of cancer. Nowadays algorithm seems to understand what people want and they feed you with your favorite type of content so you can waste more time watching them. That being said, there are still crapload of cancer on youtube because people fucking love it and youtube makes money this way. Maybe you don't get eyefucked by them because algorithm seems to understand what do you like better but people just cannot fucking stop talking about this type of garbage. Just stop promoting them for fucks sake.


Another thing youtubers loves to complain about is how youtube demonetizing their content or worse deleting them. They have every right to complain about this and it is total bullshit. I can understand the demonetization because youtube needs to make money. And you cannot blame advertisers for not putting their ads on certain types of videos. But the bullshit I cannot accept is how youtube screws up those videos that doesn't make any money for them. They are getting fucked by the algorithm most of the time or worse youtube just removes them. And majority of those videos are not harmful things. But videos promoting to do bunch of dumb shit that can possibly put you in danger are getting millions of views. Some of these videos are trageted for children even. But noo, real danger is a guy who reads some reddit comments or people talking about sligtly controversial things. And getting your channel demonetized is so easy, only thing you need to do is using a little profanity. What is this bullshit? Even TV allows it nowadays. Youtube is slowly but surely turning into a kindergarten. And no need to say that your video can get wiped out for no fucking reason and youtube staff can simply tell you to fuck off. This shit is even more sinister in 2nd and 3rd world countries but nobody knows about it. They can remove your video just because of political reasons or simply because bunch of religious cunts did not like it. Gotta make majority of people happy, you wouldn't want to get your website cancelled by a nation that is being ruled by a bloody dictator.

For the same fucking reason we cannot see dislikes anymore. Fuck off with that bullshit "We Do It tO PrOtEcT PeOpLe". You do it to protect your wallet. Youtubers can just remove likes and dislikes. This was a thing for years. But what you did was shitting on channels that removed likes, dislikes and comments. They could not get as many views if they remove dislikes so most youtubers just kept them open. And with this new brilliant solution, only person that can see the dislikes is the very same youtubers you are trying to "protect" from harassment.


I guess I already talked about this but I need to say a couple more things. Do you know how easy it is to fool youtube's algorithm and copyright claim music that you don't even own? There are people making millions of dollars this way. All because they need to make DMCA happy so they need radical solutions. Because robots sure can tell if there is a copyright infringement. As long as music compaines doesn't get hurt it is ok to screw up millions of users.

False copyright claims and youtube's retarded algorithm is something everyone knows and tired of. But there are more sinsiter things it does. They just remove millions of videos simply because they are not very appealing for them. Half of my playlists on youtube are now empty. Youtube simply doesn't allow certain types of opinions. As I mentioned it is even worse in 2nd and 3rd world countries. I myself has seen people simply talking about philosophy, religion and maybe some politics getting nuked because it doesn't appeal to majority of my country. And if there is one thing Youtube likes is to suck dicks. Sucking dicks that is gonna bring more money. Twitter is even worse but luckily I don't give shit about that cesspool.


Youtube is gonna die one day(hopefully) or gonna share the same fate with facebook. It is gonna be a wastelend full of boomers. But what are the alternatives? There aren't any yet. But there are some candidates.

The most promising one is the LBRY/Odysee. It is a really interesting project and it is truly censorproof. Odysee is a frontend for LBRY network. It can get censored by maintainers and governments but you can always use the app. It is decenteralized and using the blockchain technology. You can self host your videos. You can also earn money simply by watching videos and donate that money to the channels you like. There are already many mainstream youtube channels on LBRY. It is so easy to move your youtube channel. Part of the reason why it has a great chance of being a youtube killer.

Another one is Bitchute but I don't think it is gonna replace the youtube. It is just so full of political content for now, there is not much else to watch. It is great if you enjoy watching Alex Jones I guess. I personally like listening to batshit crazy people and their bullshit. Very entertaining. Still, it is a great project and already has a niche audience.

And lastly, there is a project called Peertube. I did not use it yet and it is not even remotely popular. But it is decentralized just like LBRY and censorproof.

Of course there are websites like vimeo and dailymotion but lets be real, even if they become as popular as youtube there is no guarantee they are not gonna be as greedy as google and start screwing up people for more profit. I just hope that one day a decentralized video streaming service is gonna surpass the youtube and gonna bring back the golden age of video sharing.


I just have no words to say. It is like time is fucking with me. I did not understand how fast a week has passed. I was having a hard time sleeping. Specially with the assholes living upstairs. I kid you not sometimes I feel like I live in a jungle. What kind of asshole would make noise at 1am? And not just a regular noise, fuckers have 3 kids at least and they are terrorizing the entire apartment. Did you ever wake up with a loud noise and thought there is an earthquake out there but realized it is just bunch of braindead shitters jumping around? What's up with retarded people and making way too many children? The amount of children they cannot take care of. We are destroying our civilization by allowing everyone to make children. Fucking shitters did not allow me to sleep for an entire week. And their stupid mom just loves to throw stuff out of their window. And it usually lands in front of my window. Like it is not enough annoyance they give. And the big motherfucker of the house, the father just loves making noise with a drill. Every week, 3-4 times. Do you have a fucking workshop in there? Anyways, enough complaining. I will end this long ass post here. I hope you all having a nice day.