glitched wojak


As George Carlin once said "Time is a human invention, there are no numbers up in the sky, we made the whole thing up." Time is a concept that is just beyond hairless monkeys like us. We have no concept of time. Some of us were smart enough to understand time is just relative. The time between the beginning of the universe and he end of it is just a moment. Could be a second if you are an alien living in another universe. You cannot catch the time, there is no such thing as present. It just moves in different speed depending on where you are or what you are. And they also say space and time are the same, hence the term space-time continuum. Total mindfuck.

Luckily though, you don't need to be Albert Einstein to understand we are not permanent. Average human life expectency is so pathetic. I have experienced how short the life is first hand. I could swear that it was just yesterday when I first started the college. Yesterday, I have seen an old friend of mine I met in the first year of college. He was a highschool student back then. Now he is in 3rd grade. It was that moment I realized how big I screwed. Last 4-5 years of my life were just mere seconds. They all gone. Without me realizing, they slipped out of my hand. You never understand how fast the time goes on if you don't look back.

I am afraid of waking up as an old man one day. I even seen a nightmare like this. I am waking up from my sleep, looking at the mirror and I am an old man giving its last breath and it is too late for everything. I wasted my entire life. I am so afraid this is gonna happen one day and I will regret everything. Everyone knows that time is valuable but nobody acts like it. We live like we are immortal.


God fucking damn. I just feel like a trainwreck today. After a long break I hit the gym. I swear I only worked out for half an hour and now all my joints are killing me. I don't have much to say today. I am still trying to quit smoking, still trying to go back to gym and lose weight, still trying to fix my life. I feel like I am circling around. One break and woosh, all your efforts are gone. Consistency is the key. If you are trying to achieve something you are pretty much swimming against a current, a flow. You need to keep swimming or you fall behind.