pirate wojak


Yes, piracy is not stealing, piracy is not evil in fact it is a basic human right in my opinion. Piracy is our saviour. Thanks to piracy, many games, movies, books has been survived to this day. If nobody would attempt to save retro games, all of them would be gone. Do you think game publishers actually give a damn about preserving their games? If piracy wasn't a thing many books could not see the sunlight and could easily get removed from existence. If there was no piracy, many people like me could not even have access to books and they could never educate themselves.


It is so damn ridiculous when people say you are committing a felony and you should be ashamed if you download illegal copies of books, articles, games, movies etc. If you steal, you are taking another persons rights from their hands. You give financial damage to people. No question, stealing is a felony and should stay illegal. But piracy is not the same. If you download a copied data illegally this does not affect people who bought them. You are only hurting some greedy publishers at worst case. If you are pirating something there is a good chance you cannot afford it. In this case, not even publishers lose something. You could not afford it to begin with. You get what you want, people who paid get what they wanted, creator of the product gets free publicity. Everybody is a winner.


Lets say you are a student. Your school wants you to buy a dozen of books. Those technical books are not cheap, let me tell you. At worst case you need to spend thousands of dollars for them. If you are one of the lucky few who born in a supporting family and they can afford it, no bigge. But if you were unlucky and born in a 3rd world country and you just cannot pay your yearly salary in order to buy some books. Well I guess they just expect you to die. How dare you ask for free information? If you want to study and get a job, you must pay! They don't give a shit how you suppose to pay that ridiculous price.

Ok, maybe you can afford books and willing to work at local McDonald's for moths to pay for them. But, what if you are a resarcher and you need to read some articles for your study? Well, you better start lubricating your anus, because those greedy assholes are determined to stretch it. Do you know how much some of those articles cost? Maybe things are slightly better nowadays because you can just pay a monthly fee for millions of articles. But even that is just too expensive for people living in 2nd or 3rd world countries, which is majority of the world's population. And how much you think writers of those articles get? Publishers just steal their effort most of the time. So, you are not only getting robbed by paying for articles, but also supporting a filthy business model.


Maybe you still think piracy is totally wrong. Fine, I am not trying to convince anyone here. You do what you know best. But everyone should agree that companies are crossing the line most of the time in order to fight against piracy. It is annoying at best, nefarious at worst.

Who the hell like DRMs? Everyone hates them. You just paid god knows how much for a movie, you plug it into your PC, and what is that? You cannot fucking watch it. Because that piece of shit only works in certain type of devices to protect against piracy. This is a thing.

You are playing your favorite game but you lose your internet connection? Guess you won't be able to play it for a while. Because geniuses thought it would be a good idea to require internet connection for a single fucking player game! No need to mention they will probably shut down their servers in 3-5 years and their game will be erased from history forever. Imagine buying a game for 100 bucks and EA goes like "He bought? Bois, shut down the servers."

Do I need to mention DRM sometimes totally screws up and doesn't even let you get what you paid for? You cannot just copy a CD you just paid for. Do you still think you own things in 2022? Did capitalism just evolve into communism in disguise?

But the most disgusting thing anti-piracy is ever caused was taking human lives. Yes, it happened. Do you remember Aaron Swartz? Co-founder of reddit. He took his own life because he was facing a long time in jail for illegally sharing scientific articles. Things that should not even cost money to begin with. Are they purposefully trying to create an ignorant and retarded generation? Why the hell research papers are costly?

Aron was a hero and he will be remembered as a hero. He died in the hands of crooked politicans in order to fill the pockets of greedy publishers. He did not die, he has been murdered.


Most of the time paid services screws up their customers or they try to squeeze out more money from them. Maybe you pay for Hulu every month, you think you can enjoy your favorite tv series after a rough day, and what is that? That piece of shit throws a dozen of ads in front of you. Maybe you paid for Netflix for just one show you enjoy. And Netflix decided "Nope, lets just remove this show from certain countries, because fuck them!". You use spotify and you get flooded with total earrape? Guess what? Fuckers just pay for click farms and their crappy songs just appears on top. And spotify doesn't give a crap. More disgusting thing. Their editors has total tyranny and they can decide to screw up certain songs and promote others. This is how it works. You are getting screwed with your own money.

And Amazon, oh god, imagine buying e-books form amazon. Amazon can just remove certain books from existence and they did this countless times before. They simply can remove a book you paid for from your library and get away with it. This is the modern day library arson very similar to what Nazis did during WW2.


Ever since the late 2000s retarded boomer lawmakers were messing with internet and turning into a pile of garbage we call internet today. All in the name of "Saving children" or "anti-piracy". SOPA, PIPA and COPA acts in the US and Article 13 in Europe. They all come from bunch of old cunts doesn't know crap about technology and these laws all been heavily exploited by greedy companies.

SOPA act almost destroyed the entire interned because it doesn't allow any website to link into any pirated content. This is like 90% of the internet. They can come up with whatever bullshit law they want but it is IMPOSSIBLE to kill piracy. Piracy is now more available than ever unless you live in the US and don't use VPN while torrenting.

Google nowadays is removing links that contains any pirated data. Google also removes many other things, you can remove your name from search results if you are a crooked politician and doesn't like people spreading information about you. Regardless of the content. But if you are not a normie, there are tons of other search engines available.

I will not even talk about Youtube and its DMCA bullshit. DMCA is a hevily exploited law and it can bite you in the ass even if you are a content creator who respects the law.


There are some unwritten rules of piracy every pirate should know.


2.Spread the information, don't be a greedy fucker.

3.Support the content creators if possible.

Of course you can do whatever the fuck you want and ignore all of these, this is the beauty of piracy. Remember, stop paying for shit that should be free, seed more and make the internet a beautiful place.


Took a couple days off from writing this blog. I published a couple more articles on my new website. Google doesn't seem to recognize me yet. It can take months maybe even a year until you get an audience. I put so much effort into research, I am just hoping I did not waste my time doing this.

Today I woke up totally refreshed and I feel great. If I don't scew up I am gonna spend all day being productive. I am planning to learn more and get a couple more websites up and running in a few months. I am trying to get into freelancing but situation in there is kinda depressing. It is not gonna be easy. Getting recognition is hard. I am planning to have a couple decent projects before I try that. I hope you enjoyed my giant dump of word soup today. I am avoiding to write a huge mess like this but sometimes I can't stop talking about certain things.