digital wojak


I wil go full boomer today. Why the hell no electronic device I use works properly? Maybe I can blame my crappy laptop and low end smartphone for this but no software I use works painlessly either. It is great I want to work on IT right? It just seems nothing made to last these days. And no, complexity cannot be the only problem. Fuckers build these things to fail.

My laptop for example. Ahh, this piece of shit gave me so much headache. I cannot dual boot thanks to its "safety features". It literally doesn't allow it. Thankfully though, I got rid of that garbage called windows and started using only linux on all my computers. Linux is a headache all by itself but at least it is reliable once you solve all the driver problems. My disk is another big headache. I have an SSD on my hand but cannot just put it inside my laptop because this garbage doesn't recognize it. A bios update could solve the problem but I don't have time for this.

My android phone literally got fucked after an update. Fucking thanks for the new theme google. I sure couldn't live without all your fancy animations. I wanted to get rid off all the google services and install a degoogled android but It is so slow, it takes ages for me to get into root menu. I finally gave up and now trying to use it as it is. And even if I dump crapload of money on an apple phone, situation is the same. They fuck up your phone with tons of bloat in every update. I miss the good old days of Windows XP and breaking up my pc everyday with viruses. I swear I prefer viruses over all these useless updates.


I feel slightly better today. Did not do much other than writing a couple articles and reading some news. For the first time after weeks I got some fresh air. Stepped outside my house for a short while. Why I do this to myself? I probably feel miserable mostly because I live a prison life. I am gonna go outside more and probably start lifting again. Day is not over for me. I will read a couple things before I sleep. I hope you are having a much better day. Whoever is reading this.