wojak in bed


Is it just me or are we realy surrounded by robots? I swear everyday I see the same people with just different faces. They think the same, speak the same, they even use the same type of words. Makes me think we really live in a simulation. Or maybe I am just slowly losing my mind. Regardless of what people believe, what kind of political veiws they have, they all act like robots. There is always a mastermind behind them, they wait for this mastermind to update their software before they have any opinions. Every fucking day, I see the same fucking person, on tv, on internet, in real life. They all act like they are sharing the same brain.


It shouldn't come as a surprise maybe. Humans are machines too. We have no free will, our minds are limited with our environment. Humans are so predictable and very easy to exploit. And they do exploit the fragile human mind every single day. We mastered the art of brainwashing. And we increased the level of communication between humans. With the flip of a switch you can update your brainless minons and make them act in a certain way.


I maybe mentioned this countless times before. Internet turns people into mindless robots. Algorithms feed us the same type of bullshit we love to see. It creates an unbreakable cycle. "You get the information of the world with a single click" bullshit! Intenet is more cenosred than ever. You just get what algorithm feeds you with. It is fake and hollow. It is bisaed and fabricated. More and more communication we have, more and more we turn into robots. This is the future of mankind. Robots are controlling our future. We already lost the battle. I could talk more about this, but it wouldn't change anything. I just wanted to talk about what bothers me.


It is too late to celebrate the new year I guess. It's 2022 already. I have gone for the longest time. I wasn't doing well for the last 1 month but for the last 3-5 days I was really prodcutive. Launched my first real website and was learning about web development. It is kinda depressing what internet has evolved into specially when you are planning to become a web developer. I just stopped worrying about things I cannot change. Things are really shitty in the world and in my shithole country specifically. I am just trying to carry on. Suicidal thoughts were messing up with my brain again, it just seemed so appealing to take the easy way out. But I am not a pussy. I will try my best to save my ass and start a life off the grid. I am greeting you with this puny ass blog post after all those weeks without sharing anything. I will write more. I gained some pace and I won't let it go this time. I blame myself for my suffering. If I wasn't a lazy piece of shit, my life would be so different. But you know what they say, don't cry over spilt milk. Please value your time more than I did. You don't understand how valuable it is until your months turns into days and your years turns into weeks.