Wojak with reflection of universe


How many people are aware of how big the universe is and how much time there is ahead of us? Most people know that universe is so huge and almost endless for small creatures like us. But i don't think most people have any concept of time and space. How can i say this? Because many of us acting like they are immortal or believes that one day humankind is gonna rule the entire galaxy or even universe. Most people even believe that the entire universe is made for us. With all of its size and all of its age that is far greater than entire human history. And almost everyone acting like they are special despite all this human infilation. Despite the fact that there are almost 8 billion people living in this planet. Everything revolves around them. They are the most worthy of all. They deserve the most. Many are racing each other to have some significance. Type of shit people do for 15 minutes of fame are sometimes disgusting and cringy. There is no way those people actually understand their online presence is not even gonna last 10 years. 10 years is a big stretch for most of those people.

I am not gonna talk about how big the universe is and how little space we waste in this small piece of dust let alone the entire universe. Everyone with bare minimum amount of astronomy knowledge and some common fucking sense must know this. But somehow everyone disregards this knowledge like we still live in dark ages.


Day will come every single human ever lived will be forgotten. Greatest evil, greatest good, biggest mind, most influencial person ever lived, you, me, your family members, everyone. If you are lucky your name will be remembered by your descendants and other living family members. If you are some sort of celebrity maybe your name is gonna live 50 years. If you are a really big celebrity maybe a couple hundred years. If you are a world renown person, maybe a president, king, a scientist with nobel prize, a famous artist or a writer maybe your name will be remembered for a 1000 years. If you are Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Jesus, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan or equally famous historic figure your name might even survive hundreds of thousands of years. So far so good right? Well, not so far. How long you think names of everyone you know including those celebrities and historical figures survive? 500.000 years? 1 million years? 1 billion years? Well you can increase the number as much as you want i doubt it is gonna take more than 1 million years to every name in history to be erased from existence. Even 1 million years is such short period of time considering the lifetime of the universe. 1 million might sound like an eternity but it is something like a second considering the age of the universe. We are just very short living creatures to understand what 1 million years actually means. I don't even think humanity is gonna survive that long. I don't even think human empire is gonna last 2000 years let alone a million. Even if a miracle happens and humans survive there is a good chance that future humans are gonna evolve into something completely different. I am not a biologist or an anthropologist, so whatever i say has no meaning. Maybe we won't genetically change. One might say natural selection doesn't work on humans anymore. Maybe they are correct. But humans are gonna change no matter what. Maybe in a good way maybe in a bad way. One thing is inevitable. Cultural change. Every single thing we talk about today, most of our moral values, shit we wear, shit we eat and drink, shit we laugh, shit that makes us sad. They all gonna be different. And if by any chance humanity evolves into something far greater than us, our era won't mean anything to them. They are gonna see us as bunch of cavemen. All people we know today are gonna be insignificant to them. Maybe the term "Homo Sapiens" is gonna be used as an insult in the future as we us term "Neanderthal" as an insult. Maybe we are gonna be nothing but laughstock for future people with all of our history, culture and moral values. And considering even universe has an ending it is not hard to guess no craeture will be able to withstand the big rip.

With all that in mind, does anything we do actually matter? Even if you ensured your name is gonna live thousands more years than your biological presence does it matter if you are gonna be nothing but insect food after your death? Does it matter what people say about you if you don't exist anymore? It is hard to understand why people do all the shit they do for just publicity. "Do something that is gonna make your name last forever. Become a legend. Be immortal. You only die when you get forgotten." Bullshit, you die when you die. I came into a conclusion that it doesn't matter how people are gonna remember you. We are programmed into survival, every people wants to have a presence that is never gonna end. They either want to be immortal or want to be remembered forever. Everyone wants to leave a mark in history. Billions of people lived and died, very little are being remembered today. What makes people think they are gonna be remembered? We are all bunch of hairless monkeys lost in time and space.


After days of sleepless nights i could finally get a really good sleep today. I slept more than 10 hours and woke up totally refreshed. Everything was good until my dad has arrived. The moment he turned back he started shouting at me for some stupid fucking reason. And told me to leave his fucking house. I did not leave of course. That fucker totally ruined my day. I spent rest of the day not doing much. I totally failed at quitting the smokes. I smoked half pack of cigarettes today. And my learning process has slowed down again. I was able to study maybe an hour. I hope tomorrow will be better. Also i recieved a couple nice comments from people. I really appreciate that. Neocities has an awesome community. It reminds me good old days of internet.