wojak matrix fat neo


Year is 1999, people are excited for the new millenium, biggest problem in the world is just a stupid computer bug. Some really think AI is gonna get us the moment we enter the 2000. Everyone has huge expectancies from the new millenium. Beginning of a new year, a new century, a new millenium, e new era. We are leaving the 20th century, we will suddenly become future people in the year 2000. People were really hungry for technology and sci-fi in the late 90s. Internet is growing with a huge hype. Computer technologies are evolving faster than ever. Kids are playing new shiny 3d games with their new shiny graphic accelerator cards. The era of 2d is over, this is the era of 3d, era of Playstation and Nintendo 64. 90s were also the golden age of sci-fi. We got Terminator 2, Dark city, Gattaca, Ghost in the shell, Cowboy Bebop, Total Recall, The thirteenth floor, eXistenZ and the neverending legend The Matrix. Came in the right time, right moment. Just when all the hype for sci-fi and technology and internet has peaked. Just when people were really afraid of a stupid computer bug and didn't know shit about computers. Just when the terms "computer hacker" and "surfing on the web" were cooler than ever. What an ending for the 90s. A great era for sci-fi ends with the greatest sci-fi movie of all times. I was just a little kid when it came out, too young to remember anything.

I was a teenager, a middle schooler when I first watched the matrix. I did not understand the hype around it, did not understand the metaphore, the philosophy but I loved it. As a young teenager, give me a movie where people jump around and shoot each other while doing kung fu i wouldn't care about the plot. And there was another thing that is really appealing about the movie. The vibe, that nostalgic feeling. That color grading, the visual effects, the music, costumes, the legendary Nokia 8110. Everything combined gives me a feeling that is hard to describe. Even though I watched the movie way after it came out, almost a decade after. It still felt nostalgic back then and definitely feels nostalgic today.

There are very few movies made the same impact The Matrix did. The Matrix is the prime example of cult films. The Matrix has a huge impact on popular culture. The metaphore of rabbit hole, the metaphore of red pill and the blue pill, metaphore of being a duracell battery. The philosophy behind is so vague it can be shown as an example for anything. It is not exactly vague but can be easliy misinterpreted. It is about the dogma vs skepticism, comfortable lies vs the harsh truth, being awake vs being high, the rigged system vs rebellion. Can be used by any group of people, any ideology. Because everyone thinks their reality is the only one that is true. Matrix is a movie that is appealing to almost everyone. Some love it because of braindead action, some love it because of the nostalgia, some love it because of the plot, some love it because of the gun porn. I love it because it is The Matrix, have no idea why it makes me feel this way but i love it. Every line is so deep, every scene is full of details and art and all the action is a tribute to dosens of other movies. You can see details from many other sci-fi masterpieces. The Matrix so deeply infused into our culture you cannot spend a day without hearing a reference almost. It is the movie made the trenchcoats and sunglasses cool. A combination usually makes you look like a clown, but if you are Neo or Morpheus it is suddenly cool. The Matrix took whatever makes cyberpunk cool and combined them together. The floating green text from Ghost in the shell and the similarity between Trinity and the major from Ghost in the shell, references of Neuromancer, even the name Matrix comes from the book, references of Akira, hacking the reality and other mindfuck, references of some other action movies etc. As the father of cyberpunk William Gibson says "The ultimate cyberpunk artifact."


Two decades later, after the dream of new millenium has vanished and technology lost all of its magic, after the early 2000s recession and 9/11, after the Iraq war, after the birth of ISIS, dosens of global disasters and the covid, in the beginning of a new deacde another Matrix movie is on the way. I am not expecting the same old Matrix because we don't live in the same world anymore. 90s were relatively peaceful years in human history. Of course war, death, poverty still existed but there is no escape from those things. I don't remember the 90s, I was too young to remmeber but this is what i see, after all the things happened in the 21st century I think people ived in the late 90s had their best times. And with the second and third movie Matrix kinda lost its magic anyways. I hope it is gonna be a good tribute to the old movie and at least gonna be an enjoyable one. I already know it is not gonna be the same movie without Morpheus, the real one. And i also know Hollywood is not the same Hollywood. 90s were the golden era of Hollywood to me. I grew up with 90s movies, i grew up with 90s cartoons and tv shows despite being a 2000s kid. My words are mostly biased but how can you objectively judge a movie anyways?


I vanished for another week, my days were passing so fast I did not even realise. I was feeling like shit but at least I have some good news, I finally was able to quit cigarettes. I still crave for ciggies time to time but it is not unbearable. I mostly spent my time playing games and watching movies. Its been months since i played a videogame or enjoyed a movie. I mostly don't regret for spending some time with stuff like this. But now I need to mind my own business. Hopefully I will be able to post something new everyday but I won't promise this time. Coming up with something new is hard. I did not realise that when I first started this blog. And somtimes it takes hours for me to write something. But as I promised i will deliver 90 pages.