Neckbeard arch linux wojak


This piece of code dumpster called Windows gave me cancer. I had tons of problems with Linux in the past but i always could solve it with magic of command line in no time. If windows throws you bunch of problems you are totally fucked. Sometimes there is no fucking way to fix it. And you won't get much help either. Linux forums are super helpful and technical as long as they are not populated by neckbeards. But if you are trying to fix problems with your windows machine you get two suggestions. "DiD YoU TrY UpDaTiNg YoUr DriVeRs?" and "TrY To ReiNsTaLl WiNdOwS". Wow, thank you man. I could set my computer on fire with gasoline and throw it away and that would solve my problem too. It is not like I need to recover my data or anything. I cannot boot the damn thing and solutions they offer is to update my drivers. Damn thing cannot even boot into command prompt. At worst case with Linux you have your black screen and you can fix your problem using it even if you screwed up your desktop environment.

Let me talk about what happened. I got my new external hard drive and I was about to backup my data. The moment I tried to open my windows pc (I use two, one is a windows machine) and I got greeted with black screen. I restarted 5 times in a row best I could get is a frozen desktop with no wallpaper and icons. I couldn't do anything with it. Windows hit me with a message like "Windows doesn't respond!" Whole damn thing doesn't work. And it took me 15 minutes to boot up into desktop. Luckily I had a usb drive with a linux iso. I booted it up in seconds and now i am trying to recover my data. I guess my HDD is also giving its dying breath. I was about to write 800gb of data into my external and halfway through i cancelled it since it takes unusally long time. Then i tried to unmount my drive but it threw me an error. I unplugged it and I realised I fucked everything up at that point. I couldn't mount it back so i reformatted it and started all over again. I did not sleep all night and I still wait for that damn drive to write all my data so I can get rid of windows and install linux mint. Judge me as much as you want, after dealing with all this crap I won't fucking bother installing a neckbeard oriented linux distro. Linux Mint seems pretty nice, I will give it a try. I already have crapload of driver problems with my other pc thanks to Nvidia being a total dick, a non user friendly linux distro is the last thing i wanna put into my pc.
P.S.: I just realized my seagate external HDD is a fucking garbage, it is slow as fuck if you are trying to write lots of files. I think there is nothing wrong with my internal HDD. Windows just being windows. Why in the goddamn fuck I need to reinstall this garbage every year? It works fine when I first install it then it becomes unusable again. I am sick of turning on my pc in fear.


I guess I said all I wanted to say today. I was dealing with this shit since I woke up. What a fucking coincidence windows wanted to fail the moment I wanted to backup my data. Bill Gates must be fucking with me.