wojak communist brain


Politics always been a mess and I never had strong opinions on politics. Because every single politic view is faulty. Why? Because of the people. Everyone believes their political ideology is the key and it is gonna solve every single problem. I don't buy that. Because same type of people are gonna be ruling the world. Does it matter if your country is being ruled by monarchy or democracy if the ruler is the same guy? Does it even matter you have democracy if only certain people can be elected? People doesn't want liberalism, communism, monarchy, theocracy. They want perfection. They want everything to work as they wish. This is never gonna happen because of the human factor. We are far from perfect.

Communism and capitalism is almost equally bad as an economical model. One can be preferred to other but none of them is good for nature. It is hilarious some people think communism is even gonna save the nature because capitalism is the only reason we destroy it. I call this bullshit. Sure, luxury and consumerism gives one hell of a damage to the earth. But communist countries gave same amount of damage if not more thanks to getting into dick measuring contest with capitalist countries. And it is in the human nature. In both capitalism and communism the goal is to obtain all natural resources, abuse the hell out of the world and spread our genes as far as we can. I have not strog opinions on politics i said but i can make an exception for communism. I am highly against communism. I don't know you but I would never want to be a slave of government. Communism is the most authoritarian and totalitarian regime one can imagine. Sure you are gonna end up being a wageslave in free economy but communism doesn't solve the problem. You are gonna suck someone's dick no matter what. Government owns literally everything. Who wouldn't abuse such power? Sure it can work in the hands of right people, but if shit goes wrong, it goes wrong really wrong. Imagine bunch of idiots wasting your entire life's effort by building nukes, rockets, guns just to show off. This happened with the soviets. I see people complaining about taxes, how about government stealing all your life's effort? You have an awesome project that can literally save lives? Good luck convincing boomers in government to fund it, they will be busy increasing the budget of the army. Communism doesn't solve the problem of inequality either, we born unequal. Bunch of cannibals on higher places always gonna be having the most resources. In communism, entire resources. It is a double edged sword. And since government owns the entire media you will see nothing but propaganda on TV. You are sick of your president, prime minister or whoever rules your country? Imagine that guy ruling your country with communism. Imagine a communist america where Trump, George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan is the president. I am not giving these names beacuse i hate these guys with passion. I am not familiar with american politics that much. I gave these names because I see they are one of the most hated presidents. Working class won't end with communism either, they won't have better lives with communism. Sure being a wageslave is horrible but so is the gulag.

Enough with communism, let's talk about what is wrong with capitalism. It is also a double edged sword because if economy is too free you see monopolies. There is no escape from things like that in free economy. Governments are trying to regulate the free market to avoid this but if they get corrupted by the free market who is gonna save you from those giant monopolies? I said you need to convince boomers in government to get funded in order to achieve big things in communism. In capitalism nobody gives a shit about how useful your project is. They only care about how profitable it is. And intellectual property rights is the reason why we can never have nice things. You are so proud of your work and thinking you are doing a good job by inventing something totally new? Well good luck dealing with patent trolls. And enjoy all your work is getting stolen because a total genius patented the straight lines you used in your project. There are stupid cases like this, specially in America. There is even a patent for rounded square. And let's not forget about the consumerism. The key is to happiness is to consume for many people. Buying shit you will never use and throw away. Companies getting into your mind with their brand new polished turd. You think you cannot live without it. You cannot own things in communism but can you really own things in today's world? You cannot even fix your own shit because it only can be fixed by the company because of the fancy software. People usually doesn't pay for things nowadays, they pay for the services. Amazon can erase your favorite book from your kindle because you don't actually own it at all. Netflix can cancel your favorite movie, apple can nuke your iphone with the brand new software update. All the shit you buy spies on you or can be unusable in a couple years thanks to its brilliant design.

In any type of regime you get fucked. With communism you get fucked by the government, with capitalist regimes you get fucked by monopolies, with monarchy monarch fucks you all by himself, with theocracy you get fucked in the name of god... None of the political ideologies solves the problem. Problem is the human, we are bunch of greedy assholes. We cannot handle the power, we discriminate, we hate, we kill, we make no sense, we don't like to use our brains.


Yesterday i was gonna share another update but I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the day. I guess I won't be sleeping today. Today's topic might be controversial but shouldn't be. I am just an idiot trying to understand things. As I said before I am not deep into politics because I think it is all bullshit. And my stuff doesn't worth arguing. I am just dumping whatever I think here in this dark corner of internet. I hope you have a good day.