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"Life hacks" became a meme at this point, retarded ass youtube channels shove their stupid compliation videos down to your throat, you keep seeing articles about how can you solve all your problems with a bit of duct tape and literal trash. However there are a few simple hacks i know that are useful for me.


For about 2 moths i am only taking ice cold showers at the morning to wake up. And it really works. It gives you energy, good for your health and even sharpens your mind. You probably heard about this but maybe you don't buy it. Trust me, cold shower or better an ice bath is the best way to start a day. It increases the blood flow and does some other stuff to the brain. Opens you up for learning. Cold in general is not your enemy. It doesn't necessarily make you sick. I have even seen people putting ice onto their balls to increase testosterone levels. This is a bit too much for me and have no idea if it really works. But i will keep taking ice cold showers in rest of my life.


Power napping is just sleeping for short period of time. It should end between 10 to 20 minutes, in maximum 30 minutes. Just before deep sleep. You probably heard about this too. However type of power napping I do is after chugging a cup of strong coffee, coffe that has consistency of hot asphalt. I drink my coffee just before taking the nap and i wake up like i got struck by lightning. If you drink coffee before a short nap there is no way it is gonna last longer than 30 minutes. You don't even need to set an alarm. When i first heard about this i thought it is just another nonesense "life hacking" thing. But after i tried it myself i convinced it is pretty useful. I wouldn't consume coffee before taking a real sleep. But in this case you fall asleep before caffeine gets into your blood stream and wake up just before your body fully infuses it. The way caffeine works is, it binds into adenosine receptors in brain and rivaling against adenosine and makes you feel energetic. At least this is what i heard. Of course it does many other stuff. Napping after coffee consumption works really well because napping lowers the adenosine and caffeine can bind into more receptors. I am not sure if i screwed up the scientific background of this but i don't care what hapens at the background. Only thing i can say, it works like a charm. You are gonna jump off the bed after your short nap and feel energetic at the rest of the day. This works really well specially if you need to sleep but can't for some reason. If you at least have some time to take a quick nap just try this. You won't regret.


You probably heard this countless times before, it is not magic, it is not something special, it is not life changing or anything but it is something i use all the time. If you don't know what pomodoro technique is, it is a technique to increase your productivity. It won't fix it if you don't have any productivity to begin with but it is good for studying. It is basically a time management system. You work for 25 minutes take a 5 minute rest work another 25 minutes and 5 minute rest. Each interval is called a pomodoro. After working like 3 hours you take a big rest, something like an hour. You all probably know this technique due to it is being preached by "life coaches" for decades. This is one of the few techniques about productivity that is somewhat useful. Give it a try if you never used it.


Not much to say today. It was too damn hot, i ended up wasting time with a lot of chores and wasted some more time watching youtube, reading news and talking with online friends and without even realising the day is over.