wojak in front of window while raining


It's been more than 11 days since i posted something. Things were not good for me. I was dealing with severe anxiety and i did not leave my room for 11 days straight. I didn't do much in that period of time other than staying in bed. I cannot lie, I even had some suicidal thoughts. I went back to smoking. I had horrible sleep schedule. One day i couldn't sleep the other day i couldn't wake up. But things are ok now. I got my motivation back. I was having a really hard time convincing myself i can do it. I just realized I am worried about problems that doesn't exist. I don't only have a couple months to learn how to be a web developer. I have a couple years at least. Even then i won't end up being homeless if i cannot find a job. I was stressing myself out for no reason. And i have some clearer goals now. I am gonna learn about front end before i start doing other stuff. I really want to start working on real projects as soon as possible.

I also have some good news. I was finally able to fix my sleep, i wake up early in the morning everyday at the same time. It was like this for last few days. And if things doesn't go wrong i will start working out again. I assume it is gonna fix some of my problems at least. I blame my sedentary life style for half of my depression. I will also start eating healtier. I gotta start from somewhere.

When i started this project i promised giving 90 blog posts. I will keep my promise. I will end this project after I done posting 90 articles/posts/whatever you want to call it. Not sure how many people are reading these but the days I post something here are the days i am more productive than usual. I will keep posting my stuff with my broken english but this time without skipping a day.