doomer wojak drinking at night


Its been almost 2 years since i got drunk. I never was an alcoholic or anything but i had some bad experince with alcohol. I almost killed myself with homemade prison wine i made in my closet. It was the second time i was making that shit. It was suppose to be apple cider. I say suppose to because i put crapload of sugar and yeast in it and ended up getting 4 liters of 10% alcohol moonshine. And ended up drinking it all. God fucking damn i almost killed myself with that shit. And that taste, ugh. I still remember that disgusting taste. I ended up getting away with turning my room upside down and giving myself a week long diarrhea. And i ended up cutting myself with broken shards. Both intentionally and unintentionally. I got some nasty cuts on my feet by accidentally stepping on stupid glass bottle i broke. And ended up giving myself a cut in the wrist. I don't know what my stupid drunk ass was thinking. I threw myself out in the middle of that night and hurt my ankle so bad. I was a trainwreck at the end of the day.

This wasn't the first time i got into trouble with alcohol. I used to have a friend in highschool. We were drinking together every once in a while. That stupid asshole had a motorcycle. One day we wanted to drink in a deserted hospital. It was a totally empty hospital full of chemicals and shit. And our drunk asses thought it would be a good idea to pay a visit to the morgue. We found nothing but bottles of chemicals and bunch of medical waste. I was so lucky i did not get ebola or some shit. And at the same day this drunk idiot dropped me to the home with his motorcyle. Moments before he was trying to fuck a goddamn tree. Yes, he was humping a tree, he was that drunk. Never ever let a drunk highschool kid give you a motorcycle ride. I don't know what the hell i was thinking at the moment. This same idiot once almost crashed when we were riding. And he wasn't even drunk at that moment. Now imagine his riding skills when he was drunk.

Once i was drinking with that same friend in his house. He ended up showing me the pistol he got from his grandpa. He told me it shoots only blank cartridges. It doesn't have real bullets in it. With that in mind we were acting like total idiots. We got really drunk and started to play with that gun. We were shooting it outside, pointing it to each other. After we went inside he pulled out the magazine. It was that moment i realized it was a fully loaded gun with real bullets. I can say i literally dodged a bullet that day.

I also have crapload of experince with cheap wine. I almost love the taste. I heard from many people that it tastes disgusting but for some reason i love the taste of cheap crappy wine. I was drinking that type of shit every once in a while throughout my highschool years. You know there is something fucked up with the wine when you can buy a 1.5 liter of it for the price of a can of beer. That rotten taste, that sharp alcohol burning your throat, there is something i really like about it. Maybe because of the nostalgia i have for such thing.

After all that experience with alcohol i decided to cut it off completely. I decided not to drink ever again. Now i only drink some beer every once in a while. But honestly i can live without beer too. If you have any addiction i hope you can find a way to get rid of that soon. I cannot imagine getting addicted to such horrible thing. Once you get hooked real bad, you cannot even quit that easily, it can even kill you. And alcohol makes your misery 10 times worse if you are drinking for some reason.


Literally hours ago i posted the previous update. You can guess how much has been changed in my life. I am gonna keep this one short. My eyes hurts due to lack of sleep. Why the hell i do this to myself? I hope you all having a good day.